JAVA vs. Python


Today nearly at 7-8pm in evening, i was talking to one of my friend from CET Bhubaneswar (Pinku Pradhan)and suddenly this war emerged between us. Its about JAVA or Python.

Actually i am a JAVA guy from a long time, i think from past 3-4 years and never used Python.

So i had decided to check the details. Well as i am using JAVA , i personally thinks that it is the most secured platform for Web application, web development and for almost anything. Also there is no second opinion about the portability of Applications/Web Sites (etc. )Developed on JAVA platform.

JAVA have almost everything in it like it manages memory allocation, potentially compiles to very speedy code, integrates secure execution, works on both a big server and a little PDA, runs in both Unix and Windows, and comes with a big or can say endless library. I became far more productive as a coder when I switched to Java. I wrote a sample website for my institute project and it rocked. I hopped on the Java bandwagon.

But after all this today i had checked and after spending a long time and learning few initials of Python i am ready to accept one thing that JAVA is GOOD but still we cant ignore the presence of Python also.Few things which i noticed, like JAVA is quite verbose as compared to Python(thats why its take a bit more time to write something in JAVA).Then its about dynamic nature of Python which is also helpful.

So lastly i am very impressed with feature and friendliness of Python over JAVA Platform.Still what i concluded is Python is GOOD but still cant replace JAVA Platform.

LOOKING Forward to Learn Python …. n waiting for ….. Jython <>release