Khula Maidan - Coding Competition @ Arhn2k9

Ya once again i was in the finals of any coding competition, This time it was C coding in Aarohan 2k9 in our own college.The prelims was nice our team “frustrated Codr” got into the finals( A strange team name but i love this, i got to this name because of my failures in CODE Cracker again a coding event).
Then @night of final we tried hard for the problem we got but unfortunately again we failed and unable to do more than 50% of all problem and i again missed the chance to achieve the success, i am disappointed a bit but still hope for a better performance next time.

Lastly this failure had given me something , which i think will help me in future , that is a new confidence on myself.

Ya , one more thing Congrats to Rajat Kansal(IT,4th Yr) who won 2nd prize in Code Marauders, another coding event in same fest.