The Myths about FREE and OPEN SOURCE Software

Many of us had heard about FREE and OPEN Source Software’s, and people related to it are very familiar with these words.But still we have some myths and misconceptions about them.

Some common ones are …..

Does Free and Open Source means Zero Cost?

                   This is one of the first question and most important one.But Free does not always means Free of cost. This freedom is basically related with freedom to reuse the code , to modify and redistribute it and even resale it but may be with some restrictions.

Is Free and Open Source Software’s always related with LINUX?

                   Simply NO. There are a lot of FOSS projects available for Windows and other platform’s also. Almost all Open Source software’s available for LINUX are also available for other Operating Systems like Windows.For example Firefox is growing as a strong replacement of IE in windows.

So open source software does not means that we can only use them on LINUX, We can use them on windows also.

So why we are paying for software’s even if we want to use Windows only?

Open Source means No Licensing.

                This is a very interesting question as most of the people even dosnt care about this.But the truth is that there are tones of licence used in FOSS world. *GNU GPL, LGPL, Apache, BSD * are just few names to mention (More details at

And these licences have some terms and conditions for using the software and also regarding modifying and redistributing it.

                 Finally i just want to mention that Free and Open Source softwares are not only meant for LINUX. They are availiable for us , and most of them are free of cost and also with tme more and more large companies are moving towards FOSS world SUN , Microsoft are some big names.

(*SUN is moving towards making JAVA completly open source)

(*Microsoft also had shared lots of codes with Apache and Samba)

————————————————-“USE FREE and OPEN SOFTWARES “———————————————-

——————————————————-“And FEEL the FREEDOM”—————————————————–