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Are you interested in MediaWiki , Just follow the links.Will update this page later.

Mediawiki Workshop 2010
Erik Moeller
FOSS.IN 2010

Mailing list for developers:
Manual about how to write a MediaWiki extension:
Subversion check-out instructions:
Wikimedia configuration files for MediaWiki:
Wikipedia’s configurations:
IRC: #mediawiki #wikimedia-tech DBPedia – extract info from Wikipedia

SPARQL – RDF extraction for DBPedia Semantic Media Wiki – semantic storage for MediaWiki Info about non-judicial grievance mechanisms based on semantic media wiki Wikimedia Subversion Repository

how to enable the new toolbar of wikipedia in my mediawiki? WikiEditor extension is the answer and it works if we change the user preference.

browser toolbar: Go to click add to Firefox and then after 5 secs.addon is installed. : old theme of wikipedia (new version: Vector) -wysiwyg ediing : the sarcastic wikipedia

View Your Mind – a better alternative for mind mapping than freemind perhaps — Biographies Guidelines – tool for friendly reverts conducts research on user interaction – Mobile version – do login first! a conversion utility where articles may be easily converted into indic languages an open source map( edit and contribute 🙂 ) – localizatioin translation communities, language communities, and free and open source projects. alternate to google analytics

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