I recently joined DataWeave, a fast-paced and innovative Bangalore based startup working in Big Data space.

So what DataWeave is all about?

At DataWeave, we run large-scale crawls on the Web, extract and structure relevant data and store it. The crawler and extraction engine work in a distributed fashion helping the system scale to web-scale crawls. This stored data is normalized, analyzed, aggregated and represented in a manner that is easily consumable to the end user.

These steps involve an understanding of the ways through which a particular dataset will be accessed by its users. This data can be accessed by businesses through data APIs, dashboards and visualizations.

We are serving approx about 14,000 data points every day on average, or about 10 every minute.

What you can do with these datasets?

A lot.For example :

Check this API ,


This Visualization ,

We have developed a cutting edge product PriceWeave which provides a E-commerce price intelligence service.

Anyone using our services?

Yea… A BIG YEA 🙂
Few of them are ,

Hoopos, Rediff, Indiatimes Shopping, CrowdAnalytix, Snapdeal, Puma, UrbanJourney, Jabong, OfficeYes, EasyRation, Zigwheels are some of our esteemed customers.

Applications using our APIs

CostShaker, Lowprice, Gaadiwala, Localbazaar, Couponrani.

Big Question.Where we can use it?

Comparison Shopping Engines, eCommerce Portals, Mobile Applications, Travel Websites and Media Houses etc.

What our future plans are?

Lot more datasets and APIs
More verticals—travel, corporate intelligence
Additional geographies
Increased focus on developers and mobile app space
Customized Alerts

And if you have anything interesting , let me know.