Issue with sound after Upgrading to Ubuntu 14.04

I just upgraded my Ubuntu to 14.04.

It took more than few hours because of issues with Nvidia graphics card issues and all but finally it was working fine.

But after login surprise surprise there was no sound.

Audio settings were showing “Dummy audio” in play sound through section.

I thought audio driver isn’t working or something. Not sure.

Checked “alsamixer
I’ve got an error: alsamixer cannot open mixer: No such file or directory


Tried once again with “sudo alsamixer” and voila it worked. So it is not driver its just permission’s.

Checked all audio group files at <strong>/dev/snd/</strong>all are associated with user group “audio”

Next, Checked to what all group user is associated with and added user to “audio” group.

Just add user to group using :

<strong>sudo usermod -a -G audio <user-name></user-name></strong>

Next , logout and login again. Sound will work like charm.