Forming a LUG

Well LUG stands for “LINUX USERS GROUP”.

*Motive/Aim of LINUX USERS GROUP : *
1. Spread Awareness of FOSS and LINUX among students and others.
2. Motivate students to contribute something use full to FOSS.
3. Focus on Learning first rather than philosophy.
4. Focus on Practical sessions more than theoretical lectures.

TO-DO List for forming a new LUG :
1. Start a Mailing lists.
2. Motivate your college students to use open source softwares
3. Form a new irc channel on freenode to discuses the things or to provide solutions.
4. Invite speakers (those who have contributed to FOSS) from different LINUX User’s Group’s or from Companies.
5. Try to contribute to some FOSS projects this will help you to build up an environment among others.
6. Join and interact with other LINUX User’s Groups across India.

Some of use full discussions regarding formation of LUG :

Chat on irc with a person from IIIT Allahabad:

*Formation of KGEC GLUG *

A recent discussion with Vishwas, YDIT Bangalor on #nitdgplug mailing list.